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Mateja Verlič Brunčič
Maribor, Slovenia

Dr. Mateja Verlič Brunčič is COO and product strategist at Equaleyes Solutions Ltd, a design and software agency, located in London, UK and Maribor, Slovenia. After finishing PhD in Computer Science at University of Maribor, Slovenia, she switched from world of Academia to the universe of startups and entrepreneurship by joining Zemanta, where she found her passion in product management and product design. She continued her path in Equaleyes, where she first did her best as a project manager and is currently on a mission to help people find the best combination of user-centered approach, development and startup mentality through design sprints. When she’s not saving the world or putting out fires, she loves to experiment on productivity, time management, leadership, management in general & all the other buzzwords you can imagine. Also, she enjoys an excellent book and doesn’t say no to a good scientific article.